Chatbot to Support the Customer Service Process

Tomasz Smutek, Marcin Marczuk, Michal Jarmul, Ewelina Jurczak, Damian Pliszczuk
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXVIΙ, Special Issue 2, 160-168, 2024
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/3396


Purpose: This article aims to discuss the potential benefits and challenges associated with implementing chatbots in customer service. With their ability to automate tasks, answer FAQs, and engage in conversations, chatbots offer unique opportunities for enhancing customer service. Design/Methodology/Approach: This article provides a comprehensive analysis of chatbots' potential advantages, such as 24/7 availability, quick response times, cost reduction, and increased customer engagement capacity. The challenges that must be addressed for effective implementation are also highlighted. Findings: The analysis indicates that chatbots can significantly enhance customer service by offering immediate assistance, reducing wait times, and automating repetitive tasks. This automation allows customer service agents to focus on more complex issues, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs. Practical Implications: The practical implications include reducing the workload on human agents, cost savings due to automation, and providing consistent and efficient customer support at any time. Chatbots' scalability can help organizations meet customer demand without expanding the support team. Originality/Value: This article offers valuable insights into how chatbots can transform customer service through automation and efficiency. It provides guidance on maximizing chatbots' potential while identifying and addressing challenges that arise during implementation.

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