The Long-term Role of EU Structural Funds in the Accessibility of Peripheral Regions: The Case of Galicia in the Period 1989-2013

Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez, Paulino Montes-Solla, J. Andrés Faíña
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXII, Issue 2, 125-138, 2019
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/1429


Purpose: The main aim of this research is to analyzed the role of the European srtuctural funds in the region of Galicia, Spain. In 1980’s, Galicia was a peripheral region with poor external accessibility and internal connectivity with a lacked efficient transport infrastructure. Design/Methodology/Approach: The evaluation methodology used integrates documentary sources depending on the availability in each programme period (official documents, evaluation reports, basic statistics and papers). Findings: One of the most important lessons learned by the Structural Funds from the Galician experience relates to the effect of accessibility in peripheral lagging regions. Practical Implications: Enhanced accessibility to a large integrated market is a good way to boost structural adjustment and productivity. Originality/Value: The combination of the strong investment policy and increased competition in the single European market has been demonstrated as a powerful vehicle for economic development and convergence.

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