Competence and Discipline on Work Motivation and the Implication on Working Performance

S. Suyanto
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Issue 1, 570-587, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/971


The performance of the board members is a key determinant of a Parliament‘s performance in carrying out the duties and the responsibilities of budgeting, legislation, and control. This study aims to obtain the results about the effect of competence and discipline on work motivation and the implication on the performance of members of the Depok Municipality's House of Local Representatives or the Depok City Council.The method used is descriptive-explanatory with a survey that aims to test the hypothesis and to explain causal relationships between the variables. The population is all the members of the Depok City Council (50 people). A sample of 34 people was taken by simple random method. The research hypothesis is tested using the Path Analysis.The results showed that the competence and the discipline have simultaneously effects on the work motivation of the board members. Work motivation refinement can be pursued through increased competence and discipline synergistically. However, not disjointed competence and discipline is an obstacle in strengthening the work motivation. Partially, the work motivation is more influenced by the competence rather than the discipline. The results also showed that the competence, discipline and work motivation have affected simultaneously the performance. Performance refinement can be pursued through increased competence, discipline, and work motivation synergistically. Partially, the performance is more influenced by the discipline rather than the competence and the work motivation.Our suggestion to the headship of the Depok City Council is to improve the competence and the discipline of the board members synergistically and continously in order to strengthen the work motivation and improve the performance at the same time. We recommend to formulate policies which require the adequacy and the suitability of competence in the placement of tasks and improve the discipline collectively. It is recommended to immediately implement a performance management system and enhance the rules of internal procedures through conditioning duties and responsibilities according to the competence. It is also suggested to researchers to examine the performance of board members in other regions using other factors such as control, compensation, commitment and job satisfaction.

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