Innovational Management of Industrial Enterprises in the Energy Sector

Katrina Benikovna Dobrova, Nadezhda Grigorevna Danilochkina, Natalia Vladimirovna Cherner, Victor Petrovich Dobrov, Peter Petrovich Dobrov, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Sepiashvili
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Issue 1, 447-458, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/961


Issues of energy conservation and energy efficiency are always on the agenda in the context of both economic growth and recession, and today becomes one of the priority guidelines in the development of industrial enterprises in Russia. The implementation of contemporary management technologies and measures related to power supply allows reducing significantly energy costs, thereby increasing the real profit of the company.The article deals with the development of mechanisms for the implementation of an energy management system in industrial enterprises. The authors substantiate urgency of an energy management system formation at the enterprise that creates the framework for the integration of energy efficiency issues into the overall concept of enterprise management. Moreover, the authors suggest several recommendations for the practical implementation of energy management.The article also analyzes successful examples of implementation of contemporary energy management technologies such as benchmarking, outsourcing, monitoring, crowdsourcing, and coaching.

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