The Components of Managerial Alacrity of Government Executives

Yury V. Sinyagin
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XXI, Issue 1, 295-308, 2018
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/948


The article analyzes the concepts of managerial potential and managerial alacrity of executives. A three-component model of managerial readiness, which has been tested and demonstrated the effectiveness on a sample of about three thousand heads of the state civil service in the Russian Federation, is approved in the paper.Three components of the model are presented: leadership, expert-analytical and managerial. Their essential characteristic is given and the extent of expressiveness, expanding or narrowing the range of possible managerial roles that the leader can effectively perform is described. Indicators that reflect the development level of each of the highlighted components and serve as meta-competencies for civil service leaders used in the process of their personal and professional diagnosis are distinguished.The connection between meta-competencies and the components of managerial alacrity and managerial potential of executives is discussed. The results of similar foreign and Russian studies are given. Based on the results of the above studies, it is concluded that considering the development of each of the meta-competencies is identified as an important indicator in assessing the actual readiness of executives to replace specific managerial positions and can be the basis for both assessing the potential for development and building individual career paths in respect of the resources available to the leader.

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