Improvement of Employees’ Performance through Training Intervention in Digital Era

Iffah Budiningsih, Tjiptogoro Dinarjo, Zul Ashari
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4B, 637-654, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/917


In Digital Era learning/training can be done any-where, any-time, and by any-one; training does not need classroom and teacher, it is mean more efficient. Many companies consideredto organize training, sothe purpose of this research is to determine the influence of training interventions toward the improvement of the work performance in the era of digitalization.Research methodsThe survey method used was correlation between the independent variable (X) training intervention and dependent variable (Y)employees’ performance. Regression analysis is used to determine the model of the relationship between the variable Y (employee performance) and X (intervention training), While the correlation analysis to determine whether the relations between the variable Y (employee performance) and X (training intervention).The target of population in this studyis 357 employees inMinistry of Finance Tax Court Secretariat Indonesia and three levels of employees in this research are assistant manager, supervisor, and clerks. The total number of researchsamplesis 100 employees. Data are retrieved by using of non-instrument test (questionnaire) using the Likert scale.The results of the research are : (a) in era digitalization progress of training intervention still give positive influence and strong as an instrument toenhance employee performance, the correlation between training intervention and employee performance is 0,67; (b)training intervention ‘cannot be ignored’ or ‘unneglectable’ as an instrument to increase employees working performance (c)increased employee performance can be predicted by intervention training by using simple regression model of Y= 1.5 + 0.6 X; (d) training contribute to the achievement of employee performance as much as 45 %, while the remaining 55 % of other factor.

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