The Increase in Geopolitical Competition as a Challenge (threat) to Russia's National Security

Vitaliy Vladimirovich Kovalev, Valeriy Vasilyevich Kasyanov, Yury Sergeevich Bortsov, Andrey Yurievich Goloborod’ko, Tatyana Dmitrievna Skudnova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4B, 499-508, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/906


This article attempts to make a comprehensive analysis of the impact of "geopolitical competition" policy on the state and future development of national security of the Russian Federation. We believe that geopolitical competition is caused not only by the need to protect national interests, but also acts as the condition that generates threats (challenges) to national security.The article deals with external factors, such as the transformation of geopolitical competition, changes in the post-Soviet space, and the development of the Arctic, as well as two internal factors, which concern the attainment of national identity and the militarization of public life, because we believe that these factors have the most negative impact on the state of national security in the Russian Federation.Geopolitical competition is currently increasing because of the aggravation of relations between states because of the distribution of spheres of influence.

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