Theory and Practice of Managing Public Procurement Based on Key Professional Competencies

Irina Petrovna Gladilina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4B, 439-452, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/902


The institutional development of the government and municipal procurement system in Russia is focused on creating an efficient mechanism based on qualified managers. The law declares the customer competence principle, i.e. it is understood that procurements are made by specialists with proper knowledge, skills and experience.From the point of administration and procurement management, there is the need to develop competencies of the state customer’s representatives who implement the tasks of providing the required goods and services with high quality and efficiency.Forming the competencies of procurement agencies heads is a multifaceted process due to the nature and specificity of the contract system, time constraints, and significant influence of objective factors: certain specifics of public needs, current macroeconomic state, nature of the national market, regional development, etc.Traditional requirements to the level of education, qualification and experience do not fully correspond to the tasks of organizing a rational system of government, municipal and corporate procurements.Therefore, it becomes necessary to clarify the scientifically grounded competence approach to assessing the effectiveness of managers and procurement bodies as a possible direction for improving the contract system in Russia.

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