Does Public Investment Crowd Out Private Investment? Evidence On Investment And Growth In Asia, 1971-2000

Naveed H. Naqvi, Christopher Tsoukis
European Research Studies Journal, Volume VI, Issue 1-2, 65-80, 2003
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/89


The paper looks at the growth and investment performance of six Asian countries - Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand. Having discussed the time series properties of the public and private investment series and the GDP growth rate, the paper goes on to use the concept of Granger-block causality in a three-variable VAR in the presence of possible unit roots. The analysis is based on the lag-augmented VAR concept developed by Toda and Yamamoto (1995). We find that no single relationship holds in all countries and that the relationship between public and private investment varies from country to country.

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