The Problems of Creation and the Prospects for Development of Regional Clusters

Irina Zedgenizova, Irina Ignatyeva
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4A, 578-595, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/856


In the context of modern world economic relations, the intensity of economic development, the growth of competitiveness of the regions and the state should be implemented due to introduction of the newest market mechanisms, able to compensate for spontaneous destructive processes. For Russia, clusterization is one of the ways to develop the economy and to maintain it at the proper level in the system of world economic relations. According to the international experience, significant changes in the organization of production both at the national and international levels contribute to creation of territorial-branch and integration associations, i.e. clusters.The need for a balanced policy on the expediency of creation and development of regional clusters is actualized herein. It is shown that the innovative nature of the country's development requires new approaches, one of which is the formation of territorially integrated production systems based on the cooperation of enterprises of the adjacent industries in the form of clusters.The advantages of the cluster approach to the implementation of the social and economic development of the region are analyzed. The vision of the essence of the concept of a "cluster" by foreign and domestic founders and researchers of the cluster approach is analyzed. The author's understanding of the essence of the regional industrial cluster is proposed. The prerequisites required for an effective and efficient process of building a cluster structure at the regional level are identified and studied.

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