Interethnic Aggression and Extremism in the Rostov Region: Forming Factors in the Conditions of Social Realities of a Multiethnic Region

Anton Vladimirovich Serikov, Andrey Vladimirovich Bedrik, Yulia Sergeevna Panfilova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 4A, 542-557, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/853


The article is devoted to studying the specifics of the forming factors of interethnic aggression and extremism in a multiethnic region. Based on the results of their own research and the analysis of secondary sociological data, the authors emphasize four primary groups of factors causing the manifestations of interethnic aggression and extremist practices in the Rostov Region: social and economic, sociocultural, geopolitical and the factors connected with the conflictogenic potential of labor migration.It is emphasized that the escalating interethnic tension and aggression in the region have not gained critical character yet; however, under the influence of the pointed factors, the conflictogenic environment is formed, which at occurrence of crisis situations or appearance of radical opinion leaders can provoke an increase in the number of crimes of extremist character.At the end, it is concluded that the urgent need in the minimization of these trends requires carrying out a system policy of the interethnic relations regulation, improving the migrants’ adaptation system and developing a multicultural education system in the region.

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