Analysis of Volume, Structure and Dynamics of Russian Foreign Trade Under Conditions of Globalization

Polyakova I.A., Goncharova L.V., Cheremina V.B., Fedotova E.A.
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 607-614, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/815


Trends in the development of world economic relations show the processes of globalization and integration which predetermine the need for Russia to shift to a new stage of social development - the global information space against macroeconomic jolts and the sanctions regime. Russian involvement in the system of word economic relations, whose important part is world trade, requires overcoming structural deformation and to upgrade the economy.The topic of the article is relevant due to the significant impact of external factors on the development of the economy and social sphere of Russia as an independent and important participant in world economic relations in the global space. Due to unique natural resources, production and labour potential the country in terms of globalization has prerequisites for the active participation in international division of labour. However, new economic conditions and low prices of energy sources create the need for eliminating the misbalance in the domestic economy, accumulating import substitution process and restructuring export-import operations.The article underlines the great significance and relevance of modern reliable information resources. They allow to receive the complex information picture of implemented globalization processes within separate countries and regions. Authors made the economic-statistical analysis of the dynamics and structure of Russian foreign economic activity within the system of world economic relations. They received benchmark assessment of structural-dynamic changes in export and import pattern on main groups of partner countries and considered alternative future export volume and structure of Russia till 2030.

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