New Possibilities and Tools for Corporate Strategic Management for Supporting its High Competitiveness and Economic Effectiveness

Olga A. Tkacheva, Lyudmila A. Tsurak, Irina A. Getmanova, Anatoly V. Chistyakov, Sergey V. Zakharov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 578-587, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/813


The purpose of the article is to determine new possibilities and tools for corporate strategic management and to substantiate the necessity for their usage for supporting a company's competitiveness and economic effectiveness in modern Russia. The information and analytical basis of the research consists of the materials of the Report on global competitiveness for 2016-2017, prepared within the World economic forum. For verification of the offered hypothesis, the methods of deduction, induction, synthesis, systemic, problem, and structural & functional analysis, as well as analysis of causal connections, and the methods of modeling and formalization were used.Because of the research, a conclusion is made that imperfection of the process of strategic management is a reason for low competitiveness and economic effectiveness of modern Russian companies. To solve this problem, the authors substantiate the necessity for applying the principle of interactivity, which supposes consideration of new possibilities and usage of leading tools in the process of corporate strategic management and develop the recommendations and offer an interactive model for strategic management of a modern company in modern Russia for the purpose of supporting high competitiveness and economic effectiveness of domestic entrepreneurship.

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