Innovational Methods of Development of Intellectual Labor for Economy's Security

Nadezhda A. Serebryakova, Tatiana I. Ovchinnikova, Irina N. Bulgakova, Svetlana V. Sviridova, Tatiana O. Tolstykh
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 556-569, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/811


The notion "development of intellectual labor for the purpose of economy's security" is viewed as development of society's intellectual potential that includes the protected socio-economic information, developed by a person or a group of persons. The social factors that reduce economic security and their consequences in economy are given, namely: negative dynamics of implementing new progressive technologies into production, insufficient coordination of work in the sphere of innovational development, etc. The forms of intellectual development of human resources (intellectual development of personality, control over intellectual information) are offered, which bring the country's economy to competitiveness and security. The traditional and innovational methods of intellectual labor development are studied (studying in universities and colleges, increase of personnel's qualification in view of academic degrees (Ph.D., doctor of economics), as well as receipt of economic information through Internet resources, scientific publication, statistical information, etc.), as well as the methods of development of IT services and methods of prevention of intellectual diversions and violation of information confidentiality. It is offered to implement the program of equal initial possibilities for intellectual development of human resources in view of access to higher education, creative activities, as well as legal protection for everyone, etc. Analysis of implementation of innovational methods of intellectual labor development supposes planning activities in view of development of intellectual labor for the purpose of the region's economy's security.

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