Multi-Vector Accounting Concept in Modern Management

E.N. Makarenko, I.A. Kislaya, O.V. Chukhrova, T.V. Makarenko
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 512-527, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/806


The article describes the current status of accounting as a multi-vector accounting, which was initiated by the segmentation of activities. For this purpose, the segmentation in accounting was analyzed on the example of international and Russian experience; expanded management needs in systemic replication of accounting information on various grounds were justified. The need of modern management for multiplying primary information once provided for the accounting as many times as management strategy and tactics requires is argued. It is proved that the pursuit of the alternative objectives concerning various management subjects is appropriately to be provided with the help of accounts and a double entry and not by "manual" sampling of information or by local software settings.In this connection, it is possible to assert a new status of accounting as a multi-vector system accounting, the characteristics of which are proposed by the authors of the article. In order to develop a unified approach to the multi-vector accounting organization and due to the requirement to differentiate its results for external and internal users, it is necessary to typify the multi-vector accounting under the management strategy and tactics. For this purpose, key points of the approaches to the selection of multi-vector accounting methods are highlighted, examples of management subjects as multi-vector accounting objects are given.As a result of the research, the authors proposed the key areas of multi-vector accounting within the framework of accounting and management accounting and substantiated the possibility of expanding the accounting resource on a systematic basis. Each of these accounting vectors assumes its own set of accounting information aggregation and specific ways of calculating the key indicators that facilitate receiving targeted information for modern management strategy and tactics support on a systematic basis. Multivector accounting will allow generating each management entity's result and assessing each information segment's potential.

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