Assessing Level of Interaction between Subjects of Innovative Systems within Russian Regions

N.G. Kuznetsov, N.D. Rodionova, M.A. Ponomareva, S.G. Tyaglov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 355-368, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/791


The article is devoted to the problem of improving the efficiency of the interaction between the subjects of regional innovative systems of Russia. It also deals with forming of the methodological basis of its assessment for working out effective measures of socio-economic policy aimed at innovation fostering.The objects of this research are regions of the Russian Federation (RF subjects) and their innovative subsystems as an area of the interaction between different participants (business, authorities, scientific-educational and research organizations and institutes, non-commercial organizations etc.) whose efficiency influences the development level of innovative activities in regions.The article studies main indicators characterizing the interaction between subjects of regional innovative system within the frame of joint projects and technological exchange in the organization implementing technological innovations. It analyses the indicators of organization's innovative activity and exports of innovative goods, works, services, and the level innovation of the regional economies in Russia. The given indicators have become a basis for calculating a cumulative index reflecting the level of the interaction between subjects of regional innovative systems and also two-factor classification of Russian regions, the calculation procedure is also presented in the article.The authors have made the conclusion that the development level of the interaction between subjects of innovative systems within Russian regions is not high enough and it is necessary to make the authorities pay more attention to the development of modern public-and-private and cluster forms of cooperation.

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