Corporate Culture as a Tool of Adaptation of TNC to the Russian Economic Conditions

I.M. Podmolodina, V.P. Voronin
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 239-249, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/781


Modern economic conditions are characterized with growing global processes, whose source and conductors are transnational corporations (TNC). They operate in the structural units located in different countries of the world. The specific of transnational corporations is to follow the international standards of the company. Every country has its own mentality, peculiarities and traditions of the economic activity. And all countries carry out the economic policy influencing the economic activity.While penetrating into the receiving countries TNCs come across the problems they solve through the adaptation tools. The objective of the article is to identify the contradictions in the food industry TNC in Russia, to identify tools for the transnational corporations to adapt the Russian economy. One the most important adaptation tools to the Russian economic conditions is introduction of the transnational corporation values. The article looks into the corporate culture elements and it is marked that it determines the norms, laws, traditions and company values and is based on corporation global strategy.The corporate culture principles determine the key factors of the corporation success. It is possible to realize these principles through the search and selection of the highly qualified personnel and formation a comfortable working environment. Recruitment is carried out around the world in accordance with the corporate culture requirements. The expert assessments methodology is proposed to assess the working environment. The experts are the representatives of the main functional departments. They do a survey the employees through a questionnaire.The analysis and assessment of the obtained results allow to identify the company strong points and problems which need managements' special attention. Positive changes in the problem areas mean the improvement of the company activity final results and promote a TNC successful adaptation to the Russian economy. The fact that highly qualified Russian professionals familiarize with new management methods through corporate culture values introduction is an advantage for the Russian economy.

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