Improving the Bank Reliability Evaluation Framework

E.A. Posnaya, I.G. Vorobyova, S.V. Tarasenko
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 138-147, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/773


Due to recent insolvency, bankruptcy, rehabilitation, license withdrawals of commercial banks, and lack of proper deposit insurance framework, the significance of bank reliability (BR) evaluation framework' improvement rapidly increases. The paper reveals that the Russia's banking system needs further development of existing reliability evaluation frameworks.BR evaluation framework consists in defining the basic criteria that effects the reliability in common. Legal entities as well as individuals are involved into banking system when being credited or committing a deposit, that's the reason why high reliability is relevant for all economic actors.The paper reveals some features of adapting the conventional CAMELS reliability evaluation pattern to the Russian economics. A set of additions based on pros and cons of CAMELS is suggested. In addition to modified calculation terms, CAMELS framework is suggested to be adjusted via embedding into RiCAMELS framework considering the additional IT-equipment feature of iCAMELS. Herein RiCAMELS represents the embedding of iCAMELS into Russian economics and banking system. The paper highlights the so-called IT-index explaining the IT-equipment ratio from 0 to 100. Thus, RiCAMELS is considered to be an IT-oriented and Russian banking system-embedded CAMELS framework with an extra scale of reliability evaluation.

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