Evaluating the Effectiveness of Management Information Systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: a User Satisfaction Approach

G.N. Khubaev, I.Yu. Shpolianskaya, A.I. Dolzhenko, S.M. Scherbakov, E.N. Efimov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 116-129, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/771


The article introduces a complex approach for the development and implementation of information systems for small and medium-sized enterprises based on small business specifics and customer requirements evaluation of the system being developed. The proposed approach is based on customer requirements modeling and management in systems development and deployment processes.We consider information system is an integral part of the technological process of a company's management, a part of business. Information system's effectiveness analysis with regard of their consumers by means of conceptual modeling will allow small and medium-sized enterprises make a grounded decision when choosing a program system before its implementation.

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