Realization of Potential of Enterprise Structure Development as the Criterion of Ensuring the Object-differentiated Approach to Rendering the State Support: The Russian Federation

E.K. Karpunina, I.N. Yakunina, E.M. Konovalova, E.A. Titova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 103-115, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/770


The objective of the research. Undertaken in the conditions of an economic crisis and sanctions restrictions the attempts of system optimization of business activity state regulation in Russia still don't contribute to increase in business sector efficiency and to full accomplishment of all assigned social and economic functions.In the article the author rationalizes the point, assuming that in the basis of state regulation system the implementation level of entrepreneurial structure capacity, as the most adequate criterion of rendering the state support of business activity, which besides shall carry an object-differentiated nature, shall be laid.Short description of methodology. In the article authors offer an original interpretation of the concept "potential of enterprise structure development" and a method to calculate an indicator "the realization level of potential of enterprise structure development" as key criterion at realizing an object-differentiated approach to rendering the state support of enterprise structures.Compilation of the most important research results and their significance. In the article based on the formed differentiation criteria of measures of the state support of entrepreneurial structures authors offer the measures system differentiated on the bases of the implementation level of potential of entrepreneurial structures development and the importance of this structure in strategic priorities system of territorial development on preferential creation of institutional conditions for an entrepreneurship development; on internal capacity development of entrepreneurial structures; on direct support of business activity.

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