The Mechanism to Eliminate the Accumulated Damage to the System of Socio-Economic Development of the Region

Irina Anatolyevna Zhukova, Roman Viktorovich Shekhovtsov, Marina Anatolievna Ponomareva, Sergey Gavrilovich Tyaglov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 67-75, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/766


The article is devoted to the problem of the formation of the mechanism to eliminate the regional detriment in the context of recent changes in Russian legislation and the implementation of public programs in this area. As the object of the study the authors have selected the Rostov region as one of the subjects of the Russian Federation on the territory of which has been the target of accumulated environmental damage. The elimination of this damage will expand the capacity to attract investment and will improve the quality of life of the local population.The article analyzes the institutional, legal and economic conditions of the Russian Federation that allow the regions to implement measures for to reduce and eliminate the accumulated harm to environment. The documents that form the basis include the strategic documents explaining the process of governing of the federal and regional authorities' interaction in implementing the projects dealing with the existing damage.As a result of the study the authors have come to the conclusion that authorities in the Rostov region must form a coherent mechanism that provides efficient interaction for all the affected parties at regional level. Authors propose a contour description of this mechanism, carried out on the basis of the main requirements (targets, aims, objects, subjects and tools of impact) and form the proposals to ensure its effective functioning in the Rostov region.

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