Tendencies of Standardisation of Management Accounting in Russian and International Practices

Nikolay Tikhonovich Labyntsev, Elena Aleksandrovna Sharovatova, Irina Aleksandrovna Omelchenko, Tatyana Valeryevna Makarenko
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3B, 45-60, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/764


This article contains the description of accounting and management in Russian and international practice, the correlation of principles of standardisation directions upon forming of business management strategy and tactics. The necessity of multi-approach to the standardisation process of accounting is justified for developing the designated strategy and tactics. For this purpose, approaches to standardisation of management accounting in international practice are emphasised with examples of the USA and Russia. It is proposed to concentrate on the resolving problems of accounting standards-to gather accounting resources in development of management strategies and tactics. The examples are given, which are inclined to conclude, that the US approach to standardisation of management accounting is oriented more on assistance in decision-making within the area of management strategies.Based on the results of the research, authors offer main standardisation directions of management accounting in the Russian legislation and opportunities for an extension of the current assets of managerial accounting in the international accounting school. These directions involve description of specific techniques in management accounting; in order to maintain inner management tactics, allow extracting the targeted information on the systematic basis. For specification of accounting management possibilities, in the article, the main object of standardisation and key accounting' techniques are pointed out, which are used to allow the data base to be classified into the profitability segments and the expenditures of business entities. This approach will permit the contribution of each object of management in total income of a company, to assess the functional potential of each manager for achievement of his or her target numbers that provide the confidence in management tactics on the path to the chosen strategy.

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