ASEAN Tourism Marketing Communication Attribute: An Exploratory Research at Goaseantv

Arisetyanto Nugroho
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 3A, 383-395, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/716


The research on ASEAN marketing communication attribute is scarce; therefore, this research is the preliminary research to develop a sound marketing strategy for the ASEAN as ONE collaboration promotion @goaseantv. An exploratory research for the period January until December 2015 @goaseantv findings show that there are only 4 countries promoted among 10 ASEAN member countries.There are 6 topics with the minimum 1.0 eigen value, the marketing communication attributes extracted are ASEAN tourism destination promotion and the scenic proposition, since @goaseantv is an extension information channel from GOASEANTV, therefore there are two popular TV program which are The Eco Traveler and Go Fast Go Home that promoted throught the channel.Furthermore, @goaseantv also has a program to promote halal food, which is Halal Foodie. Finally, this research proposes that The ASEAN as ONE should integrate all ASEAN countries in the @goaseantv marketing communication platform. The majority of activities promoted in @goaseantv is in Malaysia, therefore the @goaseantv should consider to improve the other countries promotion proportion, a collaboration with the ASEAN countries tourism channel should developed to promote a sound ASEAN As ONE brand association.

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