The Deming Cycle (PDCA) Concept as a Tool for the Transition to the Innovative Path of the Continuous Quality Improvement in Production Processes of the Agro-Industrial Sector

Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin, Olga Olegovna Smirnova, Nataliya Vladimirovna Vysotskaya, Evgenia Evgenevna Frolova, Nina Grigorevna Vilkova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 2B, 283-293, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/679


The agricultural production and agro-industrial sector are two major industries, the performance of which has an impact on the living standard of the population in different countries. The high quality of production in the agro-industrial sector determines both the availability of food for the population and the food security of the country. Taking into account that the most developed countries and countries with the transitive economy have already overcome the problem of food deficiency, and that still this problem exists in developing countries, this article suggests using a traditional tool for the quality management (Deming Cycle or PDCA), complemented by a strategically oriented approach.The main findings of the article are as follows:- Firstly, the problem of food sufficiency is solved in the global economy in a different way; the majority of population in developing countries does not have access to good quality food. This has a negative impact on their vital activities, as well as on the overall socio-economic development of such countries;- Secondly, the use of complicated management tools for steadily improvement of the production quality in the agro-industrial sector of developing countries is not always feasible from scientific and practical points of view. The complication of the tools does not involve the solution of the problem;- Thirdly, a traditional quality management tool, known as the Deming Cycle or PDCA, has a significant potential for use even now. This article provides a strategic approach to the use of the Deming Cycle (PDCA) to solve the problem of deficiency and low availability of good quality food supplies in developing countries.

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