Approaches to Regulation of the Informtion Space of the Regional Social and Economic Complex in the Russian Federation

Oxana Andreevna Polukhina, Dijid Sergeevna Bartaeva, Medegma Tsyrendorzhiyevna Budazhanayeva, Lubov Nikolaevna Saibonova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 2B, 162-181, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/672


In order to evaluate the development potential of the information space of Russian regional social and economic complex, the authors have suggested a methodology for its analysis allowing to single out key problems of the development of the information space, identify the way of its regulation, thus creating new organised information space. To do that, we specify the definition of information space, describe its major development paths and the process of creation of new organised information space.The analysis of information space includes social and economic analysis of the region, level of the region’s intellectual development, analysis of innovative development of the region, level of the region’s information and communication technology equipment.According to the suggested method, we analysed the information space of the Republic of Buryatia and identified main factors furthering or hindering its development. As a result of the conducted analysis, the authors have suggested several approaches to regulation of the information space in the region.

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