Rural Urban Linkages, Fair Trade and Poverty in Rural Urban Fringe

Nurlina T. Muhyiddin, Neneng Miskiyah
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 2A, 264-280, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/641


This study discusses the RUL, fair trade, and poverty in the RUF South Sumatera Province in Pangkul, Kemang Tanduk, and Jungai in Prabumulih. RUL interpreted in relation to the flow of people, money and goods from the village RUF to Prabumulih or vice versa, and it contains also the flow of technology, knowledge, and information.By using the Spearman rank correlation unknown strength relationship between the level of interaction with the level of income as an interpretation of poverty in the RUF. All three villages have different strength of the interaction, Pangkul conjunction levels "low", Kemang Tanduk have a relationship "strong", whereas Jungai has a relationship "very strong".The strength of the relationship the more 'significant' if the system is applicable trade is fair trade system. This system regarded as one of the forms of action in the reduction of poverty, and has proven successful in some areas in Indonesia.In an effort to reduce poverty suggested that the Village Fund is long-term and local governments should also help open up access to credit, especially to the government bank with low interest rates and easy terms.

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