The Regional Cluster Initiatives

A.U. Albekov, E.U. Andreeva, V.V. Vanushkina, E.K. Pilivanova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 1, 234-245, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/613


The article considers trends and dynamics of the regional development based on cluster initiatives. It should be noted that the current structural changes have a big impact on the economic development of regional and national markets. The object of the research has been selected by the elements such as regional cluster systems operating at the Russian and international markets, tendencies and features of the development. The authors are determined that in the context of the dynamic development of the economics of most countries, that have retained a high industrial potential, is needed an organizational support of industrial enterprises and complexes contributing to increase they competitiveness. Nowadays one of the most effective forms of such support is the increasing of the efficiency of industrial production including the integration and formation of industrial clusters. The implementation of cluster initiatives contributes to the development of business competitiveness by the realization of effective potential based on effective cooperation of the cluster’s participants. It is linked to the geographical position, including the expanding access to the innovations, technologies, “know-how”, specialized services and high-qualified staff, and also decrease of transaction costs, providing the formation of preconditions for the realization of join cooperation projects and productive competition.

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