The Development of Cluster Relations within the State and Business Structures in Terms of Strategy of Non-Primary Sector Import-Substitution

S.G. Tyaglov, T.V. Kushnarenko, A.A. Khokhlov, M.A. Qeropyan
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 1, 198-207, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/609


The main aim of the article is to determine how the implementation of the strategy of import substitution in non-primary sector of the Russian economy can be insured. Rostov region and other Southern regions of Russia were selected as the subjects of the study by the authors. Research particularly focuses on the main areas of socio-economic development as well as the process of implementation of the import substitution policy. The authors also analyzed the possibility of solving the problems of import substitution in the non-primary sector of the regional economy, formulated algorithmic bases of realization of cluster interaction of state and business structures. The authors have presented some promising industry clusters far the South of Russia Region. This article contains suggestions for the creation of regional clusters in terms of import substitution. As a result authors concluded that within the non-primary development of regional economy the principle of cluster interaction of state and business structures allows for efficient implementation of the import substitution strategy in the industrial sector.

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