Organizational and Financial Modeling of Transnational Industrial Clusters Sustainable Development: Experience, Risks, Management Innovation

O.V. Andreeva, E.V. Shevchik
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XX, Issue 1, 137-147, 2017
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/603


The article is devoted to a research of current trends and priorities of organizational and financial modeling of sustainable development. The experience of transnational industrial clusters formation and development is the object of the research. In this article authors conduct a research of the opportunities for sustainable development strategies modeling in the context of new phenomena and precedents, demonstrated by global economic system and revealing in convergence of risk events and divergence of their assessment: new phenomena, properties and characteristics of economic systems, important for the management systems modernization with the purpose to resolve problems of their theoretical and methodological support, had been analyzed; and as a result the method of system and diagnostic analysis, oriented on proactive modeling of management systems competitive performance, was proposed. The authors came to conclusion about the need to include system and diagnostic analysis in the methodological basis of social and economic systems management theory, including all forms of business entities in the industry. The stated improvement of management methodology will form instrumental and methodical apparatus of a new economic growth strategy modeling. Thus, the restructuring of the Russian economic system should be carried out considering the objective need to bring its organizational and financial model to the form of hyper-network super-system, which will enable preventive modeling and testing of the process of all sectors and clusters integration, maintaining a positive synergetic effect. As a result the authors concluded that the development of transnational industrial clusters should be conducted as a part of the adaptive stability provision concept, which is achieved by applying system and functional analysis as a methodological basis for organizational and financial modeling.

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