Issues and Prospectives of the Educational Service Market Modernization

A.P. Gorina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3B, 227-238, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/573


Today the concept of sustainable development is fundamental for educational service market formation both in selected countries and in throughout the world. In this paper the author explored various aspects of functioning of the educational service market using the Russian experience, formulated problems and offered solutions. The author suggests using such a synthetic indicator as comparison of planned and actual expenditures on educational sphere as a leading indicator of educational service market development. A special attention is paid to professional education and the problem of enhancing its competitiveness on the global education market. The author believes that it is necessary to include intensive factors of economic growth and in this regard the author suggests several recommendations aimed at initiating this mechanism. In particular, the need for better integration of higher education and employer’s demands is emphasized. This paper discussed the issues and prospectives of governmental and non-governmental institutions of higher education; analysis of change in the number of these institutions was carried out; budgetary resources for various levels of education in Russia were evaluated.

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