Government Control of Agrarian field of Economics in the Conditions of Global Challenge

T.M. Polushkina, S.A. Kochetkova, Yu.A. Akimova, N.A. Polushkin
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3B, 39-55, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/563


Political, economic and social importance of agrarian problems in the Russian Federation has received extremely sharp sound associated with ensuring food security, import substitution of food which requires reasonable macroeconomic and financial government management, including the adaptation of modern measures of government regulation of rural development to the new economic conditions. In this regard, the economic science once again faces with the task of understanding and studying of the theoretical positions and methodological approaches to the development of a new agricultural policy, to the search of optimal forms and methods of government influence on the agricultural market, building a system of cooperation between government, business and the peasantry on the basis of maximal coordination of mechanisms of government regulation of the agrarian sector with the motivational structure of the rural population in terms of adaptation to modern agricultural methods and tools of influence. This article contains the argumentation of the provisions on the development of the system of government regulation of the agrarian sector of the Russian economy in the new economic conditions that will ensure import substitution, increase in the competitiveness of Russia in the global food market.

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