Monitoring of Food Security in the Russian Federation: Methodology and Assessment

L.A. Kormishkina, N.N. Semenova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3A, 185-202, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/556


The paper presents the results of food security research in the Russia Federation. Providing food security and country’s independence becomes the core of keeping the national sovereignty under conditions of globalization and integration processes development. It determined the research relevance. The purpose of the research is the development of a new methodological approach to monitoring of food security as one of most important components of an efficient protection system of the latter. Integrative reproduction approach to monitoring of country’s food security meeting stability criteria, economic and social ecological efficiency, competitive ability and safety is suggested. The composition of indicators arranged in four groups is developed within the framework of such approach in order to carry out all-round monitoring of Russian Federation’s food security: agroindustrial complex production capacity and its efficient use; food accessibility; food affordability; food quality and level. The assessment of Russian Federation’s agriculture facilities, agricultural products output dynamics, agricultural raw materials and provisions export and import, level of staple foods consumption by the population and Russians’ diet is given based on indicative analysis. The main threats to Russia’s food security are revealed (productive powers deindustrialization; low level of investment to the agricultural sector; labour force reduction; increase in dependence on imported foodstuff; population’s low income level and living standards, etc.) Recommendations regarding Russian Federation’s food security level increase are given (carrying out augmented technologic modernization, establishing a brand new enterprise network, development of associations and cooperatives, increase in government control combined with agricultural producers’ business activity, development of market forms of cooperation and integration).

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