Russian Engineering Services Market: Theory and Practice of Modern High-Tech Business

D.V. Okunev, S.E. Maykova, J.V. Korokoshko, E.A. Leonenko, I.V. Gvozdetskaya
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3A, 123 - 149, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/553


In the modern market economy, active use of scientific and technological progress, creation of high-tech products requires appropriate capacities and development of infrastructure, the presence of modern technology, advanced manufacturing, know-how and high-tech engineering services. The level of engineering services today defines and prerequisites improving the competitiveness of the national economy and an important competitive advantage for the government. Despite the fairly good theoretical work on engineering services development, today there is no detailed methodological basis of management, formation and development of engineering in countries with emerging market economies. In this regard, in the study an attempt is made to synthesize the theory and practice of market development of engineering services on the example of the Russian Federation. This focuses on the development and market forecasting of engineering. In a study a deep analysis of the theory and practice of development of Russian market of engineering services is made, the main trends and challenges of this market in close coordination with the global trends are identified, classification and segmentation of the global and Russian market of engineering services is carried out, the author's approach to the interpretation of “complex engineering services” is proposed, the reasonable forecast and recommendations for the development of the engineering market for the period up to 2022 is prepared.

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