Development of Energy Management Systems of Russian Companies in the Context of World Tendencies of Improving Energy Efficiency

L.A. Fedoskina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3A, 32-52, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/548


Developing world concept of sustainable development implies multi-aspect directions of its implementation one of which is sustainable energy. International practice accumulated successful experience in this area, and understanding of the world tendencies must be a foundation for improving energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Recently one of the most topical issues is development of energy management systems in companies and their ISO 50001 Certification. Comparative analysis of certification activity of companies in different countries showed a growing interest to establishing and certification of energy management systems. Some contradictions between the structure of gross domestic product, industry structure of energy management system certification and world tendencies in improving energy efficiency have been observed. The authors analysed the level of energy efficiency in certain countries and depicted a significant potential of development in this area in Russia. In this paper the authors also explored strategic and normative prerequisites for introducing energy management systems in Russian enterprises. Objective and subjective factors having an impact on decreasing energy efficiency in Russian economic were structured and their relations were shown. Evaluating maturity level of energy management systems in Russian companies, the authors proposed key areas for improvement and the ways to make them comply with ISO 50001. The authors depicted financial, organizational and image effects resulting from introduction of energy management systems in Russian companies and suggested specific ways to obtain these effects.

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