The Influence of the Ethnic Culture Specifics on the Organizational Culture of the Industrial Enterprise

A.V. Erastova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 3A, 3-18, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/546


The article considers the relationship between ethnic and organizational culture. Economic globalization leads to the necessity of studying and taking into account cultural differences of various countries, which will allow companies to be successful in the global market. Specifics of the ethnic culture in their individual personal interpretation have a significant impact on the formation and development of the company organizational culture. Questionnaire survey on the values ranking, conducted by the authors at one of the industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation allowed determining how individual values and moral motivation of employees match the values of the company. Besides, the study conducted by the Hofstede method has helped to identify common values and principles that are typical for the studied company, and for the country as a whole. At the industrial enterprise the following culture parameters were examined: Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism, Power Distance, Term Orientation, Masculinity and they were compared with similar all-Russian data. The study showed close relationship between ethnic and organizational culture. This has led to the conclusion that the organizational culture management of industrial enterprise is based on personal and ethnical values and morals. The recommendations based on the results of the study were given for improving the enterprise culture, both on personal and organizational level.

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