Business Administration as a Basis for Development of Global Entrepreneurship

N.Y. Ermakova, Olga V. Fokina, Ekaterina S. Tyufiakova, Irina S. Rogacheva, Yulia Tyurina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 2, 284-293, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/543


The purpose of the article is to determine the role and meaning of business administration in development of global entrepreneurship. The work uses the proprietary methodology of evaluation of global competitiveness of enterprise and the proprietary methodology of evaluation of efficiency of business administration of enterprise, as well as method of correlation analysis. The authors determine the role of business administration in management of factors of development of global enterprise and offer the proprietary structural and logical model of organization of the process of business administration of global enterprise as a perspective tool for provision of global competitiveness of business and development of global entrepreneurship on the whole. The authors come to the conclusion that business administration is a basis for development of global entrepreneurship and plays an important role in this process, which consists in managing other internal and external factors of functioning of global business.

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