Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Provision of Well-Balanced Development of Forest Sector of Economy under the Conditions of Climatic Changes and Increase of Anthropogenic Stress

Artem V. Konstantinov, Oleg I. Vasilyev, Tatiana S. Koroleva, Elizaveta A. Shunkina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 2, 228-238, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/537


Current climatic changes are a threat to effective development of forestry under the modern economic conditions, which is aggravated by increase of anthropogenic stress in the sphere of forest use. Formation of strategies of well-balanced development of forestry supposes not only analysis of popular methodological approaches but formation of organizational mechanism for managing this sphere, the realization of which is aimed at preventive elimination of emerging threats. Provision of well-balanced development of economic system is viewed from the positions of the theory of management. The authors substantiate the use of complex approach which takes into account tendencies of functioning of forest sector, as a constant process of using forest resources, their preservation and renewal. Complexity will provide the study of the managed sub-system of forest complex (forestry) as totality, consisting of separate interconnected spheres of activities which possess their own functions and goals, with ordered and interconnected activities. Preventive approach will ensure timely revelation of key problems and threats to provision of well-balanced development of forest complex. Reflection will allow choosing the most effective instrumentarium for prevention (levelling) of emerging threats on the basis of existing experience. Balance of development is viewed as a feature peculiar for all structural components of economic system. It is advisable to distinguish the following factors which influence well-balanced development of region: group of natural and ecological, socio-political, economic, and social factors. Key components of provision of well-balanced development of economic system (forestry) could be presented from the positions of study, firstly, of managing and managed sub-systems; secondly, from the position of sub-system of forecasting, monitoring, identification, and evening-out of threats to well-balanced development.

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