Methodology of Formation and Realization of Competitive Strategy of Machine Building Enterprises

Anastasia O. Egorova, Natalia S. Andryashina, Viktor P. Kuznetsov
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 2, 125-134, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/527


The article views approaches of the Russian and foreign scientists to development and realization of competitive strategy of enterprises. Necessity and importance of development of competitive strategy, oriented at formation of competitive advantages, methods, and means of competitive struggle, predetermined by increased competition and growth of consumers’ requirements to product quality. This process plays a very important role in machine building. Machine building is one of the strategically important spheres which ensure development and security of the country. At the same time, Russian machine building lags behind most of developed countries as to the level of development. Main reasons for such lagging behind are: inaccessibility of credit means, low investment and innovational provision, low qualification of management, and old production and technical base. In order to overcome the existing gap, it is necessary to develop long-term competitive strategy of development of machine building enterprises which ensures conquering certain markets of specific products. Based on the analysis of definitions of scientists and specialists in the sphere of strategic management, the notion “competitive strategy of enterprise” is specified. Methodology of formation and realization of enterprise’s strategy are viewed in detail. Specific examples of missions, strategic vision, and strategic goals of leading enterprises of machine building are given. Significance of development of competitive strategy for effective functioning and development of enterprise is shown. Features which distinguish the process of development and realization of competitive strategy from models of strategic planning that exist in scientific literature are determined. It is proved that development of competitive strategy requires paying special attention to analysis of competitive potential of enterprise and level of its competitive activity – for the purpose of creation of effective strategy which would fully express specifics of activities and individuality of enterprise.

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