SMEs Export Activities in the Czech Republic and Export Risk Insuring*

Pavla Breckova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XIX, Issue 1, 84-92, 2016
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/508


This paper focuses on export activities of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the Czech Republic with the accent especially on the business territories preference and the level of insurance with respect to risk of non-payment of export receivables. It is based on the quantitative survey conducted among 500 exporting SMEs in May 2015 and in some parts confronted with results of a similar survey conducted two years ago to capture the issue developments. The aim is to familiarize readers with the character of export activities of SMEs, their typical features as well as their share in total exports of the country which seems to be slightly falling. By contrast, a newly growing tendency to export outside the countries of the European Union was detected with increasing experience in foreign trade.

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