Design of Professional Career by Future Experts in the Sphere of Art and Culture

Medvedeva T.Y, Kazantseva G.A., Mineeva O.A., Karpukova A.A., Daricheva M.V.
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVIII, Issue 4, 223-230, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/495


The problem of planning of professional life is discussed by experts in the field of art and culture, experience of application of active forms of education with use of presentation during psychology and pedagogical lessons is described in the article, aspects of efficiency of their realization in training of students of higher education institution are considered, possibilities of application of modern means of presentation in the course of professional formation of future specialist producer are revealed. Problems of design of a professional way of a personality in the context of modern social and economic conditions are complicated by unstable conditions, characterized by social, economic and political changes, prompt transformations in the sphere of values and purposes of personality that predetermines essentially new requirements to psychological structure of the personality which would provide the most effective self-realization and success in professional activity. That means that actual tendencies of process of vocational training of future experts in the sphere of art are ways of application of means of modern technologies in the course of training. We believe that use of active forms of education with use of presentation, and also analysis of perceived phenomena by students will form readiness of future experts of the sphere of art and culture for design of own professional future.

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