1994 Treaty as the Basis for the 2011 Agreement on Free Trade Area

B. Amandossuly, S.Z. Aidarbaeyv, K.N. Shakirov, A.A. Alexeyev
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVIII, Issue 4, 113-120, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/483


This article focuses on the adoption of the 1994 Agreement on free trade area as the basis for the formation of the 2011 Agreement on free trade area. International relations have been developing constantly, especially on trade issues. Ratification of the 2011 agreement has helped to adapt to modern realities, still basing on the provisions of the 1994 treaty, the final formation of which took more than 10 years. The main vector of the article is aimed at a segment of dispute resolution, affecting issues of their qualification and assessing effectiveness of the existing mechanisms. We will consider qualitative changes that have caused recognition of the 1994 Agreement on free trade area illegal and signing of the agreement in 2011. Special attention is paid to possible future development of international trade relations, with in-depth analysis of the current situation and previous experience. We will tell about the impact of the 1994 agreement on the development of the agreement in 2011, as well as how these processes and mechanisms have contributed to the situation that we see today. This article aims to reflect a causal relationship in free trade agreements of 1994 and 2011, as well as determine the actual preconditions for the development of international trade relations on the basis of previous experience and qualitative changes in the niche of the settlement of disputes.

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