Role of Agricultural Clusters in Provision of Food Security

Oksana Borisova, Ludmila Abramova, Liliya Zageeva, Elena Popkova, Irina Morozova, Tatyana Litvinova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVIII, Issue 3, 287-298, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/472


The article is devoted to determination of the role of agricultural clusters in provision of food security. The authors analyzed the statistics of The Global Food Security Index of 2014 in the developing and developed countries and found out that the problem of provision of food security is very urgent in developing countries, which necessitates the search for effective tools for increasing the food security, one of which is creation of agricultural clusters. For the purpose of solving this task, the authors offer the model of uniting manufacturers and processers of agricultural production into a system which allows determining the mechanisms of their organization into the system of agricultural cluster. The authors allocated the following main courses of the increase of the food security by means of development of agricultural complex, through formation of agricultural clusters: development of the sectors of agricultural cluster, implementation of deep specialization, attraction of young specialists into agricultural cluster, increasing the qualification of staff in agriculture and agricultural processing, stipulating the promotion and consumption of local production, creation of regional association for the increase of efficiency of cooperation between members, attraction of investments, cooperation with regional bodies of executive power and federal bodies of state power.

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