Socio – Economic Role of Service – Sector Small Business in Sustainable Development of the Russian Economy

Lyudmila Rudenko, Natalia Zaitseva, Anna Larionova, Alex Chudnovskiy, Marina Vinogradova
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVIII, Issue 3, 223-238, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/468


The aim of the present article is to summarize the results of the research on the socioeconomic role of small business in the development of the Russian economy and creation of effective mechanisms for its infrastructure support on the basis of the service sector particular qualities. On the basis of statistical data and the results of their own research, the authors prove the increasing importance of service-sector small business in the sustainable development of the Russian economy. At the closing part of the article the authors justify the necessity of the creation of the mechanisms which are able to support the service-sector small business in terms of its features.

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