Influence of Globalization on the Regional Capital Markets and Consequences; Evidence from Warsaw Stock Exchange

Sofya Glavina
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVIII, Issue 2, 117-134, 2015
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/449


The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) is one of the newcomers on the European stock market and at the same time is one of the fast developing stock exchanges in Europe. The development of WSE could be an example of successful development of a national stock exchange into a regional in a relatively short period of time. This article provides analysis of the main trends of development of the WSE through its history to show how globalization influenced regional stock exchanges and to determine key factors that affected its successful development. The WSE is one of the most popular stock exchanges in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Two main lists: Main List and NewConnect are characterized by types of investors, trading turnover and number of companies listed. The article provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of the official reports and analytical papers of key audit and consulting experts that cover both lists of the exchange. The article provides comparison of WSE key performance parameters with major European stock exchanges through 2001 - 2014 and shows those main characteristics of the stock exchange that were mostly influenced by the globalization. Further, the paper shows main consequences of globalization affecting regional stock exchanges. Collected information and results are presented both in tables and in graphical formats.

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