The Conflict and Challenge of Integrating the “Others” in Europe

Sheetal Sharma
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVII, Issue 4, 67-92, 2014
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/433


From facing issues related to cultural conflict and integration of immigrants and minorities to religious fundamentalism, uncertainties and economic slowdown Europe is confronting challenges like never before in past fifty years. Among these, the integration of the ‘others’, particularly the immigrants, is a major challenge. The process of integration and differentiation of ‘others’ is happening in social, cultural, economic, and political sphere leading to conflict and friction among people. With multiculturalism being pronounced as failure by many European countries, policy of inter-culture is seen as an alternative. This paper attempts to identify who constitute ‘others’ in Europe. Further it explores the nature and reasons for conflict and tension between the natives and the ‘others’. The paper also discusses issues pertaining to social integration, particularly discussing and multiculturalism and inter-culture as policy options for social integration of the ‘others’ in Europe.

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