Modern Financial Tools that Can be Used by Municipalities: An Empirical Investigation from Greece

Christos L. Pallis, Petros L. Pallis
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVII, Issue 3, 59-78, 2014
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/425


Present-day municipalities constitute important, dynamic, administrative and institutional entities which aim at developing local communities, tackling problems of peripherality and social cohesion and lifting exclusion. The primary aim of this survey is to investigate issues concerning Greek municipalities, such as the financial problems they face and which is the funding scheme they prefer. More specifically, the questionnaire - that was sent to the entire sample of Greek municipalities - examined the views of Mayors in each Municipality as regards: (a) What are the modern financial tools that can be used by municipalities? How they evaluate them? What they suggest what and what they prefer? The aim of the empirical analyses carried out is to draw useful and representative conclusions on issues concerning sources of funding in municipalities.

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