Privatization, Management Education and Entrepreneurship: The Sine Qua Non Conditions for Economic Development in Eastern Europe

Smith, P. C., Vozikis, S. G., Merikas, A.
European Research Studies Journal, Volume III, Issue 1-2, 67-78, 2000
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/41


The purpose of this paper is to advance the proposition that Eastern Europe countries, in order to make the transition from the “Old” to the “New” order, need to break the sociopolitical grip of management and marketing practices and skills. In order to accomplish this, a business education and learning feedback mechanism needs to be instituted in their evolutionary model. By the same token, each Eastern Europe country needs to cultivate its entrepreneurial venture potential by favorably balancing evaluation criteria of expected Return of Investment, sociopolitical risk and investment incentives offered to attract entrepreneurial ventures.

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