Drivers of Value In The Beer Market: Comparing an Imported And A National Brand

Cristina Calvo-Porral, Paulino Montes-Solla
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XVI, Issue 3, 19-46, 2013
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/393


The European brewing industry is a main economic sector and a major activity in the agro food area. While the majority of the product consumption is domestic, imported beer has also increased remarkably in the recent years. This study raises two objectives; firstly to obtain an approximation of the profile of the Spanish beer consumer through a descriptive analysis, and on the other hand, it aims to compare brand equity variables from a domestic brand to an imported brand. A quantitative study is carried out using a semi-structured questionnaire to potential customers, obtaining 281 valid responses. Then, we proceed with an analysis of the variables of brand equity and with comparative study between the two brands in one major European market - the Spanish market-, one domestic-Mahou-and the other one-Corona-imported from México, to analyze differences in brand value from the consumer viewpoint. Our results highlight that Coronate brand has been positioned properly in the market, suggesting that has been able to offer beer consumers a remarkable brand value, and that the consumer is perceiving it.

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