Marketing Strategies for the Primary Sector: An Empirical Study

L. Tsourgiannis, M. Warren, A. Karasavvoglou, J. Eddison
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XV, Issue 2, 147-178, 2012
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/359


This study aims to profile the marketing strategies that sheep farmers follow in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (EMTh) in Greece and the County of Cornwall in U.K. based upon their distribution channel selection, farm and personal characteristics. A survey conducted to 343 and 240 sheep farmers in EMTh and Cornwall respectively. Farmers in EMTh follow three marketing strategies: (i) cost focus, (ii) production orientation and (iii) return focus strategy, while Cornish farmers adopt the: (i) production Orientation and (ii) differentiation strategy. There are many differences regarding their marketing orientation, distribution outlet selection, farm and farmer characteristics.

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