Urban Advantages and Disadvantages in Southeastern Europe: An Appreciation of Industrial Firms by Using Exploratory Factor Analysis

Theodore Metaxas
European Research Studies Journal, Volume XV, Issue 2, 81-104, 2012
DOI: 10.35808/ersj/355


The article aims to define the connection between the characteristics of the urban/ regional environment and competitiveness of industrial firms. The article introduces the diamond theory of M. Porter, so as to examine this connection through a primary empirical study realised in 168 industrial firms (> 30 employees) in four cities of Southeastern Europe, Bari (Italy), Varna (Bulgaria) and Volos, Larissa (Greece). By using descriptive statistics, exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis, the study awards the importance of some particular factors of the four cities environment, such as agglomeration factors and access to markets, also qualitative and labour factors, which along with the firms we study, may contribute to their competitiveness.

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